You want to rail corners, destroy rock gardens, and float over gaps like the pros ...
BUT, poor suspension performance is standing in your way.

The MRP Ribbon Coil Eliminates The Obstacles


Poor suspension performance means a less capable bike, but it also trains you to be a less capable rider. Instead of trusting your suspension to handle whatever the trail throws your way, poor suspension leads to a lack of confidence which is the quickest way to kill your ride.

The MRP Ribbon Coil Suspension offers supple, small bump compliance, unmatched mid-stroke support, and out-of-the box, confidence-building performance that will have you shredding lines that used to intimidate you.

How The Ribbon Coil Simplifies Great Performance

Unmatched Traction

 Coil suspension is known for its suppleness, mid-stroke support, and its ability to eat up gnarly terrain while allowing you to float over the trail and maintain correct body position. Poor suspension setups suffer from a number of issues that hold you back from the ride you want. The Ribbon Coil eliminates issues like harsh early-stroke performance that throws you off your line, weak mid-travel support that makes it feel like you're going to go over the handle bars, and unresponsive suspension that doesn't hold traction when you need it the most. The Ribbon Coil inspires confidence on everything from the gnarliest rock gardens to the loosest turns.

Simplified Adjustment

The Ribbon Coil offers hassle-free performance. Straightforward rebound and compression damping adjustability allows you to get the ride you want with without feeling like your constantly messing with settings that affect other aspects of the fork. And, with MRP's patented Ramp Control technology, you can dial in your suspension progression on the trail.


Friction creates heat which raises your spring rate. The Ribbon Coil avoids this phenomenon in two ways. For one, fewer seals mean less friction, which also means less heat. Two, the Ribbon Coil doesn’t care if it’s the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, the spring rate stays consistent regardless of temperature.