Transform your ride

Take your ride to the next-level with an upgrade to MRP coil suspension. The Hazzard coil shock provides unmatched traction, support, and performance for riders looking not only to change their ride but to change the way they see the trail.


How The Hazzard Can Transform Your Ride


The trail is rough. Rocks, drops, roots and every other obstacle on the trail stand in your way. The Hazzard is the perfect tool to help you transform the gnarliest terrain into your next playground. With fewer seals, less friction, and plusher support, the Hazzard tracks the ground in a way you can only understand once you've ridden it. Planted, plush, and poised, the Hazzard provides a ride like no other.

Fine Adjustment

Precisely-indexed control of rebound, low-speed compression, and high-speed compression damping allow you to get the exact performance you want on everything from fast and flowy trails to the gnarliest of rock gardens. As with all of our suspension products, we've designed the Hazzard so you can make it your own.

Shred Lever

Climbing or traversing isn't fun on wallowing, inefficient suspension with weak climb switches that don't noticeably improve pedaling efficiency. That's why we designed the Hazzard with the Shred Lever™ which when engaged reroutes oil through an additional shimmed flow path to greatly boost low-speed compression damping. Say goodbye to energy-sapping suspension movement when you’re hoofing it up steep routes to access rad descents! Once you've earned your descent it's Lever-Off, Party-On!

Where Coil Suspension Shines


Coil suspension is built with fewer seals. Fewer seals mean less friction and less friction means more responsive suspension. With the correct setup, the Hazzard tracks the ground over everything from the smallest bumps to the biggest hits, keeping your tires on the ground and your tread engaged. This means more traction, more control, and way more stoke. Want to rail corners like the pros? Nothing provides better mid-stroke performance than coil suspension.



Although you can't ignore maintenance altogether, the MRP Hazzard performs at its peak longer and with less required maintenance. Maybe you're the shop mechanic that works on everyone else's stuff all day and the last thing you want to do is work on your own suspension before you can go ride. Or, maybe you're absolutely hopeless when it comes to mechanical pursuits and just want to shred. That's completely fine-no judgement here. Either way, the Hazzard will have you on the trail longer and in the shop less.




You’ve probably experienced your shock and/or fork feeling buck-wild several minutes into a long, rough descent. Much of that is the result of friction creating heat, which raises your spring rate, and can lessen your damping. The Hazzard avoids this phenomenon in two ways. For one, fewer seals mean less friction, which also means less heat. Two, the Hazzard doesn’t care if it’s the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, the spring rate stays consistent regardless of temperature.


Coil shocks are known to be supple. The Hazzard almost takes this to an extreme though, compared to a Fox DHX2, the Hazzard had noticeably better sensitivity—a pinky finger pressing on the seat was enough to get the shock moving- Impressive. The Hazzard is definitely an apex predator in the shock kingdom, able to devour every rock, root and braking bump in sight." - BikeMag

"The package they have assembled in the Hazzard is just flat-out fantastic ... Visually encouraging, mechanically inspiring, and built to huck, the Hazzard is a work-horse shock that is a real joy to ride."- The Start Gate

"As a whole, we are very impressed by the beating the MRP Hazzard Coil was able to take. I think this is the most well rounded, burley yet tunable rear coil shock we have tested, and that includes just about all of the options. The MRP Hazzard coil has all the adjustments to compete with the big dogs in the rear shock game, along with some robust features to set it apart as well." - World Wide Cyclery