NEW 2023 Chainguides

We have completely redesigned our best-selling 1x and AMg guides, and released the brand new GCX for gravel and cyclocross. The goal? Create the highest-performing, most user-friendly guides on the market.

“With these latest guides, we wanted to make assembly simple, adjustment easy, and deliver a product that works incredibly well and is exciting to put on your bike.”

- Sean Mailen, Senior Design Engineer

Chainguides aren’t exactly known for being exciting, but these ones have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Fast, Frustration-Free, & Future-Proofed

Tool-free chain access

The “Pop-Up” feature allows for tool-free chain access - simplifying installation and drivetrain maintenance. The guide pops-up and snaps shut with satisfying and secure clicks. Simplicity without sacrificing security.

4-way, front-accessibility

The “Forefront” feature allows for 4-way, front-accessible setup and adjustment. This broad adjustability makes installation less “trial-and-error” and more “set-and-forget.”

Refined & future-proofed

26% smaller than our previous upper guide for more discreet aesthetics. The interior is lined with noise-cancelling material to eliminate any chance of rattling. It has been internally sculpted to eradicate any rubbing with today’s wide chainlines and super wide ratio cassettes.

The New Lineup

"A feature of the new AMg I particularly like is the shared backplate between the small 28-32t and large 32-36t size options. I often swap between a 30t chainring for general riding and a 34t chainring for enduro racing and bike parks. That used to necessitate swapping chainguides completely, but now it just requires swapping between the small and new large bashguard. I'm also happy to see hardware spacers eliminated, or at the very least greatly minimized, in setup. I've spent way too much time in my life scouring shop floors or race pits looking for 1mm washers."

- Noah Sears, VP of Product

"The new BB-Mount option is particularly noteworthy. The new upper guide adjustment system, Forefront, makes it compatible with a variety of chainlines. With today’s down-country bikes, like my Revel Ranger that don’t have ISCG-05 tabs, I’ve found this guide incredibly useful. Before, no option existed for me to run a guide."

- Sean Mailen, Senior Design Engineer

"A dropped chain always sucks, but it's an absolute nightmare in a gravel race — where you’ll be waving goodbye to the group while you stop to reinstall your chain. It’s a scenario we’ve heard of from an increasing number of gravel racers as that discipline has exploded in the last few years. Surprise pot holes, washboard roads, and sloppy conditions are all common culprits that can send unsecured chains off the chainring. The new GCX keeps your chain on, and keeps you in the race!"

- Veda Gerasimek, Marketing Manager