Get More Out Of Your Suspension

Ramp Control Improves The Performance Of Fox And Rockshox Suspension Forks.

Why Use Ramp Control

Increased Traction

Ramp Control allows you to tune your suspension for extra grip while still giving support for big hits.

Progressive Bottom Out Support

Ramp Control protects against jarring bottom-outs without sacrificing performance.

On-The-Go Adjustability

Ramp Control adjusts performance with the turn of a knob while volume spacers require you to partially disassemble your fork.

Picture of the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge installed in a fork

What Others Say About Ramp Control

"For the riders out there, looking to get the absolute most from their bikes, this is definitely an upgrade worth looking into." - Trail Features

The ramp control allows for effortless adjustment of the fork’s progression which is significant in the bottom stroke with minimal impact to the top of the stroke. This results in fantastically supple small bump sensitivity while also resisting bottoming out on big hits. Ramp control has essentially allowed my fork to respond ideally to anything I throw at it. I was not able to achieve this previously with volume spacers." - Worldwide Cyclery Customer Review

"You can take advantage of your full air volume for a supple ride and small bump finesse, but still control the ramp on bigger, high speed hits to prevent harsh bottom out." - Bike Rumor