MRP’s premium Enduro SL and Progressive rear shock springs are now available in 18 colors through our ShredKOTE program! Select your color, spring type, and rate below.


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Delivery Estimate: 10-14 days

Springs are compatible with MRP Raze and Hazzard shocks, as well as most other brands with the appropriate spring spacer kit (click here for more compatibility info). They feature a 1.5” ID and can accommodate shock strokes up to 65mm.

Enduro SL springs feature an advanced wind that reduces weight and length compared to traditional steel springs, giving you all the benefits of coil suspension without the weight penalty of standard steel springs or the expense of more exotic material options.

Progressive springs increase in spring rate late in their stroke to provide additional bottom-out support and open up the use of coil shocks on frames previously only suited to air shocks. Rate progression ranges from 20 to 27% depending on spring rate.

A 500+ Progressive Spring in Flat Dark Earth.

Colors may appear different on-screen vs. in reality. Contact customer service if you'd like to see real-world photos of ShredKOTE colors. Visit our Instagram page for inspiration or clarity.

Custom ShredKOTE springs are fully backed by our standard warranty, however they cannot be canceled or returned. ShredKOTE springs have no spring rate or other markings on them.