With the "Ready to Shred" package, your new fork comes prepped for quick installation and pre-tuned specifically for you, allowing you to get out and shred as much as possible before the sun sets! Your fork will be delivered with steerer pre-cut, star nut and crown race installed, spring pre-set, and damper tuned to your liking. There are just a few things we need to know in order to get your fork "shred ready".

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1. Steerer Tube Length

We'll precision cut your steerer to your desired length. Click here for a guide on how to measure your current steerer. In case you mis-measure by a few millimeters, we include 10mm of black spacers so you're not left hanging!

2. Headset Type

We'll install the star nut and headset crown race, which require specialty tools. The latter is specific to the type of headset you have. There are just four primary headset makes on the market. Click here for a guide in identifying your headset brand and its compatible crown race.

3. Rider Weight

Setting up your suspension fork's spring properly relies heavily on your weight. In the drop-down below, select the weight that most closely matches your weight plus riding gear. If your exact weight isn't listed, round up to the next nearest figure. This is not the only information we'll use to setup your spring, but it's the most important.

4. Primary Terrain

There's a big difference between the steep, loam-laden singletrack of the Pacific Northwest and the relentless rock of the Desert Southwest. In the drop-down below, please select the type of terrain you most frequently ride, or, select "heavily varied" if you want a neutral setup. For further elaboration on these definitions, click here.

5. Performance Preference

What gets you going: adrenaline-charged descending or spending hours or days at a time in the saddle? We can tune your fork to prioritize big-hit performance or comfort, which do you prefer?

6. Brake Information

7. Custom Serial Number