Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks

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Which Ramp Control Cartridge works in my Fox fork?

You'll need to determine exactly which Fox fork you have if you don't know the year and model. Fox provides a 4-digit code that you can look up on their website to figure out the year and model of your fork. Once you know the year and model, reference the information on this Ramp Control page to determine which cartridge you need for your specific fork. If your still unsure, or need clarification, feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to let you know the exact model you need.

How many tokens in the Ramp Control Cartridge equivalent to?

Ramp Control is a bit different than standard volume tokens. Ramp Control is a speed-sensitive adjustment, meaning the amount of ramp up you feel will directly correlate with how fast the fork is moving. Standard volume tokens limit the air volume in your fork, whereas our Ramp Control Cartridge changes how the air behaves inside of your fork.

If you have our Ramp Control Cartridge set in the least progressive position, that feels similar to around 1 token installed in your fork. If you have our Ramp Control Cartridge set in the most progressive position, that feels similar to 4-6 tokens (depending on the specific Ramp Control Cartridge).

Do you make one that works for my DVO/Cane Creek/EXT fork?

At this time, no. Our Ramp Control Cartridges are only compatible with Fox, Marzocchi, and RockShox forks.

Does this work on Marzocchi forks too?

Yes, our Fox Ramp Control Cartridges do work on newer Marzocchi forks!

The "Fox 36, Model F" version works on 2019-2023 Marzocchi Z1 (air only) forks in all travel options.

The "Fox 34, Model A" version works on 2020-2023 Marzocchi Z2 forks, recommended for 140-160mm travel.

What's the difference between the standard Ramp Control and the Ramp Control Pro?

Ramp Control Pro has all the same features as our standard Ramp Control, but also adds the abiliity to thread our Huck Pucks (volume tokens) to the bottom of the cartridge for more tunability. If you like being able to adjust air volume with tokens inside of your fork, and also want to add the ability to change end-stroke feel on the fly, then the Pro cartridge is for you.