Ribbon LT Coil
Ribbon LT Coil
Ribbon LT Coil
Ribbon LT Coil
Ribbon LT Coil

Ribbon LT Coil

The Ribbon LT Coil is for riders who want to skip “coil-like” performance and just get the real thing. Offering 150 to 170mm of buttery travel the Ribbon LT Coil eats every trail obstacle but will leave you hungry to ride more. New for this year, the Ribbon Coil becomes the Ribbon “LT” coil and gets a heavy dose of upgrades.

Peerless performance, bullet-proof durability, and unmatched consistency are the hallmarks of coil suspension, that the Ribbon LT Coil delivers all three in spades. The LT Coil features an advanced coil system that utilizes our Ramp Control technology for adjustable bottom-out control. Five spring options serve riders of virtually all sizes, and every fork comes with your choice of spring installed, as well as lighter and heavier options included.

Ribbon LT forks purchased directly from MRP are made-to-order and will be custom tuned to rider weight, giving you performance that’s perfectly tailored. Five stock tunes have been developed through feedback from our DRT test riders and extensive dyno evaluation to give riders from 110 to 270 lbs. ideal high-speed damping profiles and specific low-speed damping adjustability that’s useable through the whole range.


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  • 35mm chassis. 
  • 4.7 lbs. 
  • 150-170mm travel options. 
  • 29” only. 
  • Lift cartridge damper with external compression and rebound adjustability. 
  • Advanced coil-spring system with Ramp Control. 
  • Three springs included. 
  • Automatic Casting Vent in lowers to eliminate unpredictable secondary spring effects caused by built-up pressure from altitude and temperature changes. 
  • Premium metallic graphics 
  • Designed, tested, and built in Colorado 


  • 35mm 


  • 150, 160 or 170mm 


  • 4.7lbs. / 2.14 kg 


  • Coil 


  • Lift 


  • Coil preload, 12-position low-speed compression, 30-position Ramp Control, and 12-position rebound. 


  • Travel 


  • Tapered Only (1.5 - 1.125") 


  • 41 or 46mm 


  • 180mm (7") PM (Disc only) 
  • Not compatible with 160mm (6") rotors. 203mm (8") rotors compatible with appropriate adapter. 


  • 27.5" x 3.0" on 45mm ID rim 
  • -- OR -- 
  • 29" x 2.6" on 35mm ID Rim 


  • "Boost" spacing - 15x110mm. Bolt-on axle standard, QR style optional 

AXLE-TO-CROWN (length): 

  • 150mm : 562mm, 160mm : 572mm, 170mm : 582mm 

Lift Damper

Lift represents the culmination of several years of lab and field testing designed to deliver riders exactly what they want from their forks – confidence.

Five weight-specific tunes provide riders with perfectly matched damping and full usability of the external rebound and compression adjustment ranges. With 12 clicks of rebound and compression adjustability and the removal of indistinguishably open and uselessly restrictive positions, Lift gets you dialed-in quickly and exactly.

Featuring valving optimized to deliver a seamless crossover from the low to high-speed circuits, advanced flow-path optimization, and a coil-backed IFP, Lift provides damping that’s distinctly smooth, so you can push your limits comfortably.


Our unique Outcast arch provides two primary benefits: a stiff, lightweight structure and resistance to mud and debris. By moving the weight-relief pockets to the front of the arch, our engineers were able to carve more grams out of the casting without sacrificing stiffness. Those front-facing reliefs also don’t get clogged by mud and debris like traditionally placed alternatives do – keeping your bike cleaner and keeping crud away from your wiper seals.

Automatic Casting Vent

Pressure relief valves are great for expelling pressure build up in your lower casting that comes from temperature and elevation changes, but they have one problem: you must remember you activate them. With our new ACV (Automatic Casting Vent) technology, that’s no longer the case. These vents are set from the factory to blow-off when pressure levels rise enough to influence your effective spring rate, keeping your ride consistent regardless of environmental factors. Two ACV vents are found on our highest-end air-sprung forks with the EssenTTial damper, while only one is needed on forks with the Lift Damper. With the Lift Damper taking up less leg volume than the EssenTTial Damper, pressure never builds in the damper leg of Lift-equipped forks to necessitate venting.

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