Replacement Lower Skids

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Replacement Lower Skids for various MRP chainguides and bashguards. Please note, the skid mounting hardware is sold separately. Please select the correct skid needed from the dropdown menu before hitting "Buy Now". 

TR Skid A - For AMg v2, XCg v2, AMg CS/SL/SLR 28-32T, XCg SL/SLR 2-Bolt 32T

TR Skid B - For AMg SL 32-36T, XCg SL/SLR 2-Bolt 36T

SXg Skid - For All SXg Models

G5/G4/G3 Mini Skid - For G5, G4, and G3 "Mini" chainguides (32-36T)

G5/G4/G3 Mega Skid - For G5, G4, and G3 "Mega" chainguides (36-40T)

G2 SL Skid - Skid for the G2 SL

AMg v1/2x Skid - For AMg v1 and 2x chainguides