Lift Damper Upgrade Kit for Fox and Marzocchi Forks
Lift Damper Upgrade Kit for Fox and Marzocchi Forks
Lift Damper Upgrade Kit for Fox and Marzocchi Forks
Lift Damper Upgrade Kit for Fox and Marzocchi Forks

Lift Damper Upgrade Kit for Fox and Marzocchi Forks

Raise your confidence and your fork’s performance with a Lift Damper upgrade. Lift Damper cartridges are easy to install and provide an immediate performance upgrade. There are five tunes offered for the Lift, matching rider weights from 110-270 lbs. Weight-specific shim-stacks provide riders with perfectly matched damping and full usability of the external rebound and compression adjustment ranges. Valving has been optimized to deliver a seamless crossover from the low to high-speed circuits and provide a predictable and responsive terrain-hugging ride. Flow-path optimization and advanced needle shaping have minimized fluid turbulence, yielding quiet operation and superior sensitivity. Through a careful reduction in dynamic seals and by utilizing the latest bushing material from industry-leader IGUS, stiction has been virtually eliminated. Lift Dampers turn good forks into great forks. 

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  • NEW 34mm - Fox 34 (2021+), NON-STEPCAST MODELS ONLY. 140mm MAX TRAVEL
  • 36mm - Fox 36 (2021+), Marzocchi Z1 (36mm version, 2019+). 170mm MAX TRAVEL
  • 38mm - Fox 38 (2021+). 180mm MAX TRAVEL

Lift Damper Parts and Tools

  • Cartridge format provides simple installation – no specialty tools needed.  
  • Five rider weight-based tunes: White (110-150 lbs.), Yellow (140-180 lbs.), Green (170-210 lbs.), Blue (200-240 lbs.), and Red (230-270 lbs).  
  • 12-clicks of external low-speed compression and rebound adjustability.  
  • Extremely low-friction IGUS “E” main bushing.  
  • 200 hr. service interval, user serviceable. 


Lift features a spring-backed, low-friction Chocoluxe IFP for volume compensation, rider-matched compression valving, and a 12-position low-speed compression adjustment. Lift gets you dialed-in quickly.


Lift utilizes the latest low-friction bushing material from industry-leader Igus. Lift also features just a single major dynamic seal. These are just two of the reasons Lift is distinctly smooth.


Lift Dampers are ready-to-go, drop-in performance upgrades. Installation and service require no specialty tools, and the service interval is a massive 200 hours of ride time.



White (110-150 lbs. / 50-68 kgs.), Yellow (140-180 lbs. / 64-82 kgs.), Green (170-210 lbs. / 77-95 kgs.), Blue (200-240 lbs. / 91 -109 kgs.), and Red (230-270 lbs. / 105-123 kgs.). Shown with compression adjustment fully open.


Lift's seamless crossover from low to high-speed damping means the external low-speed compression adjustment can be set anywhere in range and have little to no effect on high-speed damping.


Compared to competitors' dampers, Lift displays remarkably low baseline damping at low-speeds and increases damping with greater speed-sensitivity.


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