Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks
Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks

Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox Forks

Ramp Control cartridge is an air spring upgrade that provides additional on-the-fly ride adjustability and improved performance, in a simple to use and easy to install package. Ramp Control technology is the BEST alternative to tuning your air spring with volume spacers.
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Fox 34 Model A

  • 2016 - 2021 Fox 34 Float forks. Recommended for 140-160mm 29”, 27.5+, and 27.5” forks.
  • 2020 Marzocchi Z2.Recommended for 140-160mm 29”, 27.5+, and 27.5” forks.
  • 2022 Fox 34 Float forks. Recommended for 130-140mm 29” forks.
  • 2019 and newer Fox 34 Step Cast Float forks. Recommended for 110-120mm 29” forks.
  • Cartridges are incompatible with TALAS forks.

Fox 34, Model B (long-body)

  • 2016 - 2021 Fox 34 Float forks.Recommended for 110-130mm 29”, 27.5+,and 27.5”forks.NOT FOR FOX STEPCAST MODELS.

Fox 32, Model C

  • 2016 and newer Fox 32 Float forks with the FIT 4 and Grip dampers. Recommended for 100-130mm 26”, 27.5” and 29" forks.
  • Not recommended for 80-90mm forks
  • Not compatible with 140-150mm forks
  • Not compatible with Fox 32mm Step Cast forks

Fox 36 2015-2017, Model D

  • 2015-2017 Fox 36 forks

Fox 40, Model E

  • 2016 and newer Fox 40 Float Factory and Performance Elite forks.

Fox 36, Model F

  • 2018-2023 Fox 36 Float forks. Recommended for 140-180mm 29”, 27.5+, and 27.5” forks
  • 2019-2023 Marzocchi Z1 (air only), all travel options
  • Version F is a cartridge-only kit suitable for Fox 36 forks of all travel and wheelsize options. A revised air-spring design in the 2018 and later Fox 36 makes the Fulfill™ spring conversion included in Ramp Control Upgrade Version D incompatible.

Fox 38 Model G

  • 2021 and newer Fox 38 Factory, Performance Elite, and Performance forks

  • 16-position knob to control end-stroke progression (ramp) 
  • Speed-sensitive 


Inarguably, convenience is one of the biggest benefits of the Ramp Control cartridge versus volume spacers. Volume spacers aren’t friendly to on-trail experimentation and tuning - requiring bulky tools and a clean environment to utilize. With Ramp Control, experimentation is so simple it’s encouraged! The powerful range of Ramp Control is harnessed through a simple 16-position knob with clearly defined detents. That enables you to arrive at your base setting in just one ride on a familiar trail, whereas internal spacers would necessitate a trial-and-error approach - several rides followed by garage or shop sessions - to get to the same point.


Tokens and volume spacers aren’t friendly to on-trail experimentation and tuning. Ramp Control provides precise control over air spring support via a 16-position knob with crisp, clear detents. In seconds, you can perfectly dial-in your fork for ANY trail , on-the-fly. 


Progressive, volume-reduced air springs can worsen ride quality and buck you off line in slow, technical riding. A benefit of its speed-sensitive nature, Ramp Control gives you additional spring support only when you’d WANT it. 


Volume-tuning requires changes to air-pressure and damper settings, meaning one change necessitates several others. Ramp Control unlocks exacting control of spring support independent of these other settings. 


Volume adjustment spacers change the shape of the air-spring’s curve throughout the entire travel range, regardless of velocity. Aside from the slight change resulting from the volume of the cartridge itself, the Ramp Control upgrade affects only the ending stroke spring curve - as its damping effect is velocity-dependent. This portion of the curve represents intense, sharp hits and big events, like landing a sizable drop or plowing through a rock garden. Without Ramp Control, your fork’s behavior in these circumstances has been compromised by your desired feel elsewhere in the stroke. With Ramp Control, you can tune the general feel of your fork through its air-pressure and damper settings, and isolate big-hit performance and bottom-out with the Ramp Control adjustment.

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