Kreitler Rollers Flywheel

Kreitler Flywheel

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The Flywheel is a simple, heavy device to add rotating mass to your Kreitler Rollers. Running off a belt connected to the rear drum of your rollers, the Flywheel creates a more natural road-like feel to riding rollers. Getting up to speed takes a little more effort, and momentary interruptions to your pedaling do not slow you down as much.

There is also an increase in resistance associated with using the Flywheel, due to the belt friction. Check out the Wattage Chart for more details (will open in a new window). The Flywheel works with the Standard Frame only, not the Kompact Frame. Left Side and Right Side versions are available for the Flywheel. There is no difference in performance whether you choose the Left or Right Flywheel. It is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to use 2 flywheels, so we offer both a Left and Right option.

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