Kreitler Replacement Kompact Frame

Kreitler Replacement Kompact Frame

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The Kreitler Kompact Frame was designed in response to Kreitler roller riders looking for a lighter and smaller set of Kreitler rollers for bringing to races for warm-ups or for traveling. The Kompact is a lower-profile frame designed for the 3.0 and 2.25 drums, and fits wheelbases from 38” to 42” only. The Kompact will fold neatly regardless of the position of the front drum in the wheelbase adjustment plate. Welded steel, and powder coated with a durable orange colored epoxy finish.

You can use the 4.5 drums on the Kompact Frame, but it will only fold up compactly in a very narrow range of wheelbase settings (39.5” to 41”). The clearance between the ground and the 4.5 drums is minimal, and may be insufficient on some surfaces.

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