Stoke Boost (Tandem Fork)

Stoke Boost (Tandem Fork)

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  • EssenTTial™ twin-tube, bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP.
  • Air Spring with negative coil spring
  • Outcast™ arch design with forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up.
  • PSST™ pressure-relief valves that quickly and easily bleed off excess pressure in the lowers caused by elevation and temperature changes.
  • 35mm Chassis

EssenTTial Damper

EssenTTial gives you consistent and controlled damping. The damper features twin-tube architecture and a low-friction, low-pressure floating piston design for long-lasting performance. The damper has been tuned for a firm, supportive ride and external adjustability gives you broad control of low-speed compression, tunable from open to locked-out

Fullfill Air Spring

The FullFill air-spring features independent positive and negative air chambers, providing more tuning opportunities than self-equalizing systems. The unique ability to run slightly higher negative spring pressure provides riders with a supremely supple initial stroke that’s unmatched by any other air-spring system. Huck Puck volume spacers can be added or removed to tune baseline spring progression.

Automatic Casting Vent

Pressure relief valves are great for expelling pressure build up in your lower casting that comes from temperature and elevation changes, but they have one problem: you must remember you activate them. With our new ACV (Automatic Casting Vent) technology, that’s no longer the case. These vents are set from the factory to blow-off when pressure levels rise enough to influence your effective spring rate, keeping your ride consistent regardless of environmental factors. Two ACV vents are found on our highest-end air-sprung forks with the EssenTTial damper, while only one is needed on forks with the Lift Damper. With the Lift Damper taking up less leg volume than the EssenTTial Damper, pressure never builds in the damper leg of Lift-equipped forks to necessitate venting.

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