Explore further with the Baxter

Gravel bikes were supposed to allow us to get away from it all, so why do they confine us to roads and well-worn trails?

Being based in Colorado’s grand and expansive Western Slope, we get the allure of venturing into the unknown and the joy in taking the route less-traveled. We also know the pain of getting deep into terrain completely unsuitable for your equipment. One such experience led us to create the Baxter.

The Baxter greatly expands the capability, comfort, and speed of modern gravel bikes. 40 or 60mm of supple, but progressive travel erases washboards, removes the sting from embedded rocks, and makes descending fun again.

Whether it's racing, exploring the unknown, or long-distance bikepacking, the Baxter makes for a better adventure.

Why Ride The Baxter

Reduced Fatigue

Unless you stick to primarily tarmac and smooth dirt roads, long days in the saddle on gravel, forest roads, and unmaintained double track can be incredibly tiring for your hands and upper body. Say goodbye to t-rex arms and peeling your fingers from the bars after long days of adventure. Baxter gives you the cushion to continue pushing.

Expanded Range

Modern gravel bike are the perfect human-powered expedition vehicles — excelling over various surfaces. But until now they’ve been mostly confined to roads of various types and really only suitable for the smoother end of the off-road spectrum. The Baxter opens up rougher, less-traveled roads, paths, and trails to you. Go as far as your spirit takes you.

Improved Performance

Whether you’re braking or cornering, you only have traction so long as your wheel is maintaining contact with the ground. The Baxter gives you more “bite” in both scenarios, immediately giving you greater confidence to carry momentum. With the Baxter, line choice becomes a little bit more of an afterthought, allowing you to focus on moving forward.

Stanchion Size: 32mm Travel: 40mm or 60mm
Weight: 1,420 g
Spring: FulFill™ Air
External Adjustments: 3-position compression damping, 20-position rebound damping
Axle-to-crown Length: 430mm* (*40mm model with 45c clearance, +5mm for 50c clearance), 456mm (60mm model)

Steerer Options: Tapered (1.125 - 1.5")
Offset: 40mm version: 40.5, 44, or 47.5mm, 60mm version: 41.4, 45, or 48.4mm.
Brake Mount: Flat-mount 160 or 180mm
Bottle/Accessory Mounts: 2 (one per leg, 3 lb. [1.36 kg] max load per side)
Tire Clearance: 40mm version 700x45c default (50c optional), 60mm version 700x50c (29x2.00”)
Axle: 12x100 or 12x110mm (Boost)

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