Fat Fork / Better Boost Brake Adapter

Fat Fork / Better Boost Brake Adapter

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The brake adapter serves two purposes:

  • Adapts 135mm rear disc spacing hubs to work with our MRP Fat Fork 10x135 forks.
  • Adapts Boost 15x110 brake post mounts inboard by 5mm to allow usage non-boost (15x110) hubs.*

This adapter requires a +20mm rotor sizing from the post mounts it is attached to. So for 160mm post mounts, a 180 or 183mm rotor is required. For 180mm post mounts, a 200 or 203mm rotor is required. 160mm rotors are not compatible with the product.

Includes adapter and two mounting bolts.

*hub and/or endcap adapters must be paired with this part to complete a "non-boost" to "boost" conversion. See our full "Better Boost" kits for all parts needed.

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